Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Whole 30. Day 4. What? 26 more days to go???

As the title suggests, I am currently on the Whole 30 and into the 4th day. I curse at how quickly 1st Oct came and now, time just seems to crrrrraaaawwwwlllllllll... Is there any word to describe movement slower than crawl? Maybe 'drag'. As expected, I am getting sick of the home-cooked meals and water. I hate drinking water and as much as I avoided other carbonated drinks, Coke Zero and milk were previously my comfort beverages. How about herbal tea, you may suggest. What is herbal tea without splenda? It is just as good as drinking plain water what! There was an entry on Whole9 blog, which couldn't have come in a better time, about quenching one's thirst whole9 style. Basically, it was about flavouring water with fruits and herbs. Let me tell you what I think. It still tastes like fucking water!  

I also found planning my meals stressful. Unless it is prawn noodles soup or mee pok, I can never eat the same food for 2 consecutive meals! So I tried to variate my proteins; chicken breast on Monday, sirloin on Tuesday, chicken breat (again!!!) on Wednesday and salmon today (Thursday), but here's the next headache: what sort of flavours? This week, I've used the same herb mix in all my meals and consumed enough garlic that my fart smell LIKE garlic. I am so sick of it. I hardly have time to watch any TV in the evenings. After work, it'd be a quick trip to the supermarket, followed by 2 hours in the kitchen preparing for dinner and lunch the following day. By 10pm, I was so exhausted cooking, I didn't even feel like hitting the shower. Of course I did, eventually. 

So if you ask me, how do I generally feel after eating so clean for 4 days? I FEEL LIKE SHIT! I am not feeling any different, I don't feel great, not even good. In fact my lower tummy is bulging out even more, compared to last week. You may think I'm hypocritical as I posted photos of my meals religiously on Instagram, however, what Instagram doesn't depict is my actual feelings of misery. It was a way to remain motivated and upbeat, but I'm not sure how long that will last.

I want my noodles, coke zero, milk and Greek yoghurt back!!! 

-Mrs Paleoporean