Mr. and Mrs. Paleoporean

One formerly vegetarian Canadian guy, one very much non-vegetarian Singaporean girl, three carnivorous cats, a growing herb garden, and a desire to eat paleo in a country where avoiding grains, legumes and dairy will make most people think you've lost your mind. "Wah, no rice lah, ok lah, extra noodles also can..."

Mr. Paleoporean

I work at a video game company as a UI artist/designer, which is what brought me to Singapore.

I have been doing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu since 2002, first under Gracie Barra in Vancouver BC, Canada, and for the last three years, at Evolve MMA right here in sunny Singapore. I am currently a mediocre brown belt. I've has also recently started Judo with the Singapore Judo Club.

I've been lifting weights almost as long as I've been doing BJJ, and although I'd gradually packed on muscle through the years, at 68 kg and 171 cm, I felt sluggish and too big for my rather small frame. As part of adopting a paleo diet, I decided to switch up my workouts as well. I now do functional bodyweight and conditioning exercises in timed circuits, sprints, and an occasional long distance run. I'm not nearly as big, but way more lean,  fit and healthy feeling. I'm not a cross-fitter, but I do steal their material upon occasion. Phil Glassman, don't sue me bro!

I also love to cook, and researching healthy, delicious paleo recipes, or just making up my own through trial and error, has become less of a passion than an addiction of late. Singaporeans have very high standards when it comes to taste, and if I can get my wife to love something paleo that I've cooked, I know I'm onto something good.

Mrs. Paleoporean


  1. Hi guys... are you still in Singapore? If so, you may be happy to know that I found Red Boat Fish Sauce today. FINALLY!

    There's a shop called "Cut The Mustard" off of Bukit Timah (somewhat near Botanical Gardens MRT stop) that carries it. S$16 for 500 ML.


    1. Hey Dan. Ya, we've been to Cut the Mustard once, actually to get Red Boat Fish Sauce. They also had a sugar free saurkraut that we picked up. My wife loves the fish sauce, and has it on nearly everything she eats. I'm not convinced. It tastes ok, but smells like wet dog. Maybe it's the durian effect - tastes good, smells like death.