Huber's Butchery:
Simply the best in my opinion. Located on Dempsey Hill, they have a huge selection of every meat imaginable, and some you'd rather not imagine. Grass-fed, organic and hormone free is all available, as well as wild seafood, 100% meat sausages, and lots of other paleo friendly goodies. Expensive? Ya, you'd better believe it, but if you're stocking up for a big paleo-fest, and want to make sure you're not eating more hormones than a Mr. Olympia contestant, Huber's is the place to go.

18A Dempsey Road
Singapore 249677
Tel: 6737 1588

Swiss Butchery:
We've only been to Swiss Butchery once, and it was quite good. Pricey and less varied, at least at their Tanglin location than Huber's. They did have some wild venison available, which was a nice surprise, but not wanting to pay $200.00 + for a frozen deer's leg that wouldn't fit in my oven anyway, I passed. They also had a good selection of deli meats if you're into that sort of thing. No indication of grass vs. grain fed is given, and we ended up with a lamb shoulder and some Prosciutto di Parma, both of which were excellent.

* Swiss Butchery have two locations:
  • 30/32 Greenwood Avenue
  • 56 Tanglin Road
The Butcher:
We've had the chance to go here twice now, and their quality and prices good. They have a small store with a slightly limited selection, and I believe we've bought a brisket, some steaks, ground beef and chicken. As with Swiss Butchery, there was no indication of grain vs. grass fed, hormone free etc. except for their "Rosie's Organic Whole Chicken". All their sausages contain either standard grain flour, or gluten free rice flour for those with Coeliacs disease, which is a nice touch, but still isn't paleo compliant. One helpful service they offer is custom made sausages to your taste and ingredients, so you may be able to request no grains.

*The Butcher has two locations:
  • Holland Village - 44 Jalan Merah Saga (the main store)
  • Parkway Parade Outlet - 80 Marine Parade Road(retail outlet)
Cold Storage:
A great option if you're looking to save money, but still can't quite stomach the depressing quality of meats found at most NTUS stores. We get 90% of our weekly staples here, and they have been offering an ever growing selection of grass fed meats and organic vegetables of late, so big kudos and thanks to Cold Storage.

*Grass-fed beef is available at the following Cold Storage outlets:
  • Cold Storage Holland Village (and it's open 24 hours! 100% Win)
  • Cold Storage Bugis Junction
*Organic Beef (that may or may not be grass-fed) is available in select cuts at the following Cold Storage Outlets:
  • Cold Storage Takashimaya
  • Tanglin Market Place
  • Paragon Market Place
  • Jason Market Place
Phoon Huat & Company (Pte) Ltd
This is where we get our almond and coconut flour, as well as any other baking supplies you might need. Plus, that name is almost dirty, which I find hilarious, although Mrs. Paleoporean finds not-hilarious for some strange reason.

231A Pandan Loop Singapore 128419
Tel : (65) 6288 8866 (Sales)

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