Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today, we digress from paleo and talk gaga!

I read online that the 'Born This Way Ball Tour' (TBTWBT) is good, but how good is good? When tickets to her 2 days concert in Singapore sold out in mere hours of release, it was a sign of goodness and I was secretly kicking myself inside. Hence, when Lady Gaga decided to add a 3rd show, we, of course went for it.
Where do I even begin... First and most importantly, Lady Gaga can sing Live and really well! Her voice was crystal-clear, she hit crazy notes and when she spoke to the audience, her voice was so enchanting, inspite of being in between heavy pants from those intense dance moves.

                                                                                                          Source: Terry Richardson

And speaking of dancing, her backup dancers were super hawt! Rock hard abs, oiled-up and shiny, seductive and in spandex most of the time. Ok, I know they are all gay, but I'm very hum sup one and always ready for a visual feast! Did I mention, they point their freaking toes all the time. Totally put me to shame.

                                                                                                  Source: XINMSN

What is Lady Gaga without her outrageous costumes. In her first song, she came out in this costume, which I guess was inspired by the Alien franchise (maybe it is, I'm not too sure). The rest of her costume changes did not disappoint, I mean, she is Gaga after all, 50% of the controversy that surrounds her hails from her outfits. Anyways, they are an eccentric mix of futuristic, meets avant garde, meets haute coutour. Which is not surprising, since she worked with an impressive line of designers, such as Giorgio Armani and Christian Dada for TBTWBT. My favourite is the one she wore for Bad Romance, with laser cuts, designed by Void of Course. I have no idea about this designer since I am not really an avid fashion follower. However, my first impression was that I could totally wear the dress out to one of the girlies' wedding! Haa! I'll be Lady Gragra!  
                      Check out those sexy bums! I likey likey!
                                               Source: XINMSN
By saying the concert was "good", it is definitely an understatement (quoted from my friend BOO). It was awesome, entertaining, shocking and provocative, the BEST I have seen in recent years!. I don't think there is another performer who can supercede Lady Gaga's supremacy, maybe Madonna, but that's about it. Pau and I were very satisified with being seated the whole time and just watching the concert in awe. It was $222 well spent.

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