Wednesday, June 6, 2012

From zero to paleo

Growing up, I was ingrained with the mindset that if I did not eat rice/noodles/carbs, I would have no energy to do anything. And like most kids in Singapore, I was looked after by my granny, who would feed me anything I want! Happy meal everyday, no problem! Kway chap with pig intestines and 2 eggs, no problem! White bread with peanut butter or butter and sugar, no problem! I was such an easy grand-kid and she was pleased! For 25 years, I had terrible eating habits, even when Pau and I were dating, I continued to eat my usual fare while Pau enjoyed his healthier alternatives. We seldom have arguments but if so, it would be about where to dine. I remembered 1.5 years ago, I was recommended the Scarsdale diet by a no-longer friend. It had a 2-week meal plan to follow and wah piang, it was difficult and frustrating. (I included a link for any desperate people, dying to lose some weight. But I hold NO responsibility should you decide to try it out!) First, the meals were unappetizing, blend and totally unsuitable for the Asian eater. One will need iron will to get through the day, less mention finish the 2 week course. Second, I had to prepare the meals at home as there weren't close substitutes at the food court and I would get dirty stares from people for bringing packed lunch to a food court and occupying a space during peak lunch hour. Then, I had to endure the smell (and sounds!) of the lunches my coworkers were happily chowing down on. Worst of all, I was perpetually hungry. Honestly, I did know what spurred me to do that, perhaps it was my desire to lose some weight or just wanting to impress the no-longer friend. I was definitely scarred by the Scarsdale diet. 

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                                         The same link happen to have a good explanation on Paleo Diet too :)

When Pau decided to try out the Paleo diet earlier this year, I thought it was another diet fad. One day, out of curiosity, I decided to read on it and chanced upon many websites dedicated to it. Let's just put it this way, it didn't take much to convince me that, if there was any chance left in me to try another diet out, this will be it. Honestly, I am too lazy to write down the entire basis of the Paleo Diet and there are just so so so many other writers who introduce and describe it so well, there is really no point for me to re-write it here. Minus the fact I suck at writing. So, if any one is interested, HERE is a website that explains the Paleo Diet in GREAT detail, like turbo jammed packed with information, accompanied by tons of supporting references. In fact, I still read it several times a week to remind myself on certain information, in case any friend/ coworker would question. There is also Mark's Daily Apple- its writer, Mark Sisson is actually one of the pioneer advocates of eating Primal (aka Paleo) and in his 60s, he will put many 20 year olds in Singapore to great shame. Ok, even if you have absolute no interest, just click on the website and check out his body laa! My favourite part of his website is, every friday, he will feature true and successful stories of people who started eating Paleo and how it changed their lives completely- definitely a source of inspiration!. 

So if you may ask, so what if Grace is reading all these websites and eating Paleo (part-time) and inundating our instagram feed (username: glinrt. Add me add me!) with all her dinner photos, how is she benefitting? Well, ever since I started eating Paleo (part-time!!! emphasize emphasize!!!) around Febuary/March 2012, I have lose 2KG! For the first time since May 2008, I am actually less than 60kg. (FYI, even during my wedding, I was hovering around the 60s.) It is not very significant and even though I did not drop any dress size, I feel less bloated (aka look hotter in my dresses), more energised and more importantly, fulfilling my daily #2s (I used to be quite constipated). Hopefully, somewhere in the near future, I will gather more courage and inspiration and embark on Whole 30! It will be the day Pau will never dream of coming. We'll see!

-Mrs Paleoporean

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