Friday, June 29, 2012

Fruitti Tutti

I have absolutely no inspiration on what to write about this week, so I will leave you with a collage of my breakfast eats for this week. 

Unfortunately, the blueberry promotion is over and its price is back to ~$4.50 per 125 grams. I did purchase almost 3 KG of it during the sales period but cos Pau and I are such big blueberries lover, we are down to our last 125 grams. However, I did find an interesting fruit at the wet market last week: the passion fruit. It was rather affordable, at $3 per KG and that came to about 6 fruits. When I first got them last Sunday, most of them were smooth. The fruit uncle was really nice to remind me that I had to leave it out till the exterior skin turned wrinkly, then it will be ready to be eaten. So I left them out for a couple of days and fridge them later. Actually, I have been a huge fan of passion fruit since I was a teen- when bubble tea first came into the scene, I'd always order a passion fruit milk tea or passion fruit green tea. Till now, it is still my go-to favor! When I sliced the fruit, I can immediately smell its tangy-ness, the unmistakable scent, which I have been smelling the past 12 years from my bubble teas. The pulp and seeds were stuck to the fruit but easily removed by scraping with the spoon. If you're not a fan of sour, you will probably not enjoy it, BUT I LOVE IT! Hopefully, I can get more this weekend and the auntie in me may just haul a crate back!

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